Pidgin-Paranoia – The pidgin one-time pad plugin

Pidgin–paranoia is a plug-in for Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) that provides information-theoretically secure encrypted conversations using one-time pads.

Because the plugin uses a one-time pad where the secrect key has the same length as the message and the key is only used once, the encryption is information-theoretically secure. This means that from the encrypted messages the contents of the messages are not revealed.
In short: If you use truely random numbers to generate the key files and if you keep them perfectly secret, one-time pads can not be broken. For more details read the INFO file.

Features & Technology:

  • Currently the plugin supports protocol-independent encryption and decryption with multiple keys, key generation and a built-in command system.
  • The plugin depends on libpurple and works with pidgin, finch (a console IM) and possibly other IM using libpurple.
  • The encryption, decryption and key generation process is transparently encapsulated into a library that could be used in a program to encrypt i.e. files, e-mails, SMS, etc.
  • To benefit from the security of one-time pads you need a secure way to transmit the key file to your partner (besides the fact that you need to be able to trust into the integrity of your computer).
  • The nature of one-time pads limits the system to one-to-one conversations.

Download Pidgin-Paranoia

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