Hide4PGP is a freeware program distributed as source code in ANSI C and precompiled executables for DOS (any version but 1.x – is there one outside the museum?), OS/2 (Warp and up), and the Win32 console (9x and NT). It’s purpose is to hide any data in a way that the viewer or listener does not recognize any difference.

Bitmap formats of Windows 3.x (the most common), OS/2 1.x and OS/2 2.x (the OS/2 2.x format is an extension of the Windows 3.x format, an this is an extension of OS/2 1.x format); the only restriction: the bitmaps must not be compressed (run length encoded).
the standard sound format of Windows; you can use all formats (low – 8 bit, medium – 12 bit, or high quality – 16 bit, voice or CD, mono or stereo); the same restriction as above: it must be uncompressed PCM format (the most common one I suppose)
a proprietary format of Creative Labs, widely used in past days; only the 8 bit version is supported

Supported OS:

DOS , Win32 , Linux

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