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Lectures for CS549: Cryptography and Network Security

Cryptography and Network Security http://www.cs.iit.edu/~cs549/cs549s07/lectures.htm

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CEG 4420/6420: Host Computer Security

Internet Security Course Introduction Teach security improvement techniques. Explain how exploitable errors have been made in the development of software. Raise the level of security awareness. Bring attention to ethical issues. http://cecs.wright.edu/~pmateti/Courses/4420/Top/index.html

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Cryptography and Computer Security – Lectures 2006

24 lectures related to computer security and cryptography published on 2006 http://courses.cs.tamu.edu/pooch/665_spring2008/Australian-sec-2006/index-australia.htm 

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Network Security: Video Lectures

Video Lectures about computer security http://iiscs.wssu.edu/drupal/node/4698 Course Resources: Introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch Introduction to Classical Cryptography https://www.youtube.com/watch The Threat Environment, Basic Security Terminology, Case Study: The Tjx Data Breach https://www.youtube.com/watch The Threat Environment (cont…), Employee and Ex-Employee (Insider) Threats https://www.youtube.com/watch Traditional External Attackers, Classic Malware: Viruses and Worms, Trojan Horses and Rootkits https://www.youtube.com/watch Trojan Horses and Rootkits …

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Computer and Network Security

In this course we will investigate the broad topic of CyberSecurity with an emphasis on studying intrusions & intrusion detection, and building secure software to prevent intrusions. Since new intrusions occur regularly, we will also investigate new intrusions as they occur. Since intrusions are often based on small cracks in computer systems, students will be …

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Computer and Network Security

These lecture notes, at least several of them, made their first appearance on the web in 2006. They have so far gone through seven major revisions. With each revision I have attempted to improve the explanations on the basis of the feedback I receive from the students at Purdue and from other users of these …

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