AFICK (Another File Integrity Checker)

Afick is a security tool, very close from the well known tripwire. It allows to monitor the changes on your files systems, and so can detect intrusions.


  • portable without any change to all common operating systems (windows, UNIX …)
  • easy install : no need to compile or to install many others tools
  • fast
  • display new/deleted/modified files
  • display dangling links
  • may be used by any user
  • any number of base and config
  • config file with exceptions and jokers
  • configuration file syntax close from aide’s one
  • command line is perfect on UNIX, but windows users prefer graphical interfaces, so I add a Tk interface

It’s designed to be quick and portable. For now, it has been tested on

  • Windows XP, 2000, vista with ActiveState’s ActivePerl
  • linux Redhat (7.1, 7.3)
  • linux Fedora core (6 to 14)
  • linux Mandrake (8.2 to 2010.2)
  • linux Suse Enterprise server 8.0, OpenSuse 11.x
  • linux Debian (Woody to Squeeze, Knoopix)
  • linux Ubuntu (6.04 to 11.10)
  • linux Slackware (9.1)
  • HP Tru64 Unix 5.1B
  • HPUX 11
  • AIX 5.2.0

Download AFICK (Another File Integrity Checker)

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