Secure Login

Secure Login is a login extension for Mozilla Firefox integrated password manager.
Its main feature is similar to Opera's (the browser) Wand login.


* Works out of the box without any configuration needed.
* Login with one click or a keyboard shortcut (automatically submitting the login forms).
* Easy and convenient selection for multiple logins (multiple users)
* Provides direct login to any site from the bookmarks (using the "Secure Login Bookmarks").
* Integrates with Mozilla Firefox password manager.
* Provides easy access to the saved passwords.
* Prevents malicious JavaScript code to automatically steal your login data.
* Provides an option to protect your login data from all JavaScript code during login.
* Websites requiring JavaScript for the login process can be added to an exception list.
* Can prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks to steal your passwords without having to deactivate JavaScript.
* Helps to protect you from phishing.
* Shows the login URL(s) and the number of available logins in a tooltip of the toolbar button and the statusbar icon.
* Can be set to automatically search for login data and highlight form fields.
* Can be used with a toolbar button, a statusbar icon, a keyboard shortcut or via the context menu.
* Completely customizable interface (buttons, icons and menus can be enabled/disabled).
* Provides a customizable keyboard shortcut
* By default only active on login so it doesn't consume any system resources while surfing.
* Can fill out additional form fields using the Autofill Forms add-on.
* Possibility to play a sound when logins are found or when logging in.

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