X-IM is a free Secure Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat program which lets you communicate with anyone on the Internet securely, using 256-bit Strong Encryption.

Standard Features

  • Secure Instant Messaging – Send instant messages to any other X-IM user. If the remote user is not online (or has their computer off, etc.) the message will be held until the user goes online, at which time it will be delivered immediately. From inception to delivery the message is encrypted with the recipient’s public key, making it impossible for anyone but the recipient to read the message.
  • Secure Chat – The chat feature allows two, three, or more users to communicate to each other in persistent window, with all the same security features as X-IM Instant Messages. This is ideal for encrypted group conversations between three or more users.
  • Firewall Compatibility – X-IM is designed to automatically connect you with your contacts regardless of your type of Internet connection, and is compatible with the vast majority of firewall configurations.
  • Digital Signatures and Hash Protection – All X-IM communications, besides being digitally encrypted to prevent unauthorized viewing, are also digitally signed and protected by secure hash to prevent the forging or altering of any type of X-IM message.
  • Message Filtering – Automatically filter out messages from designated users, or opt to only receive messages from users already on your contact list.

Download X-IM For Windows 32 bit Only

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