gpg4o – GPG for Outlook 2010

The AddIn ‘gpg4o‘ newly developed by Giegerich & Partner was designed for utilization with Microsoft Outlook 2010 ® and offers all important functions of the OpenPGP encryption system and other features such as e.g.:

  • Encrypting and decrypting E-mails (plain-text and HTML)
  • Receiving PGP/MIME E-mails
  • Support of GnuPG 2.0
  • Automatical search for updates
  • Installation of updates via the Internet
  • Signing and verifying of digital E-mail signatures
  • Key management
  • Signing of external keys
  • Web of Trust (checking the validity of external keys by means of information of known key owners)
  • Encrypting and decrypting as well as signing attachments
  • Key exchange with key servers


gpg4o – GPG for Outlook 2010 requires an installation of GnuPG. This is a free software, published under the GNU General Public License. You only need the installation file. Signatures and source code are not required for the installation.

GnuPG Current version could be downloaded from here

Free download of gpg4o v2.1



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