X-Ways Forensics [Commercial Application]

X-Ways Forensics, the forensic edition of WinHex, is a powerful and affordable integrated computer forensics environment with numerous forensic features, rendering it a powerful disk analysis tool: capturing free space, slack space, inter-partition space, and text, creating a fully detailed drive contents table with all existing and deleted files and directories and even alternate data streams (NTFS), Bates-numbering files, and more. Picture gallery, file preview, calendar/timeline display. Also serves as a low-level disk imaging and cloning tool that creates true mirrors (including all slack space) and reads most drive formats and media types, and supports drives and files of virtually unlimited size (even terabytes on NTFS volumes!).

Main Features:

  • Disk Editor, File Editor, RAM Editor
  • Directory Browser for FAT, NTFS, Ext2/Ext3, ReiserFS, CDFS/ISO9660, UDF
  • Disk Cloning/Disk Imaging under DOS and Windows
  • Data Recovery
  • Partition Recovery/Boot Record Recovery
  • Hard Drive Cleansing/Disk Wiping
  • File Slack Capturing

Download X-Ways Forensics

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