Wicrawl is a simple wi-fi (802.11x) Access Point auditor with a simple and flexible plugin architecture. The plugins allow us to find out useful information about an AP so we don’t have to manually check each access point. Plugins are implemented for existing common tools, and new plugins can be written in any language. Wicrawl is able to use multiple cards, and eventually will be able to use multiple computers.

Main Features:

  • Passive detection of Access Points (This means that if there are clients, we can find out the SSIDs from APs that have broadcast turned off).
  • Support for multiple cards. Discovery can be run from one card, while the plugins can be run from the rest.
  • Simple plugin interface with multiple Plugins (Basic association, DHCP, internet check, network mapping, WEP/WPA-PSK cracking, etc)
  • Profiles to manage card scheduling and wicrawl usage (for example a profile for mobile users, and one for penetration testing).
  • Support for multiple interfaces (GTK and status bar (with themes) now, text UI to come)
  • Reporting and summary output in HTML, XML or Text
  • Traffic packet logging in pcap format

Download Wicrawl

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