Sniffer® Portable Analyzer

The Sniffer® Portable Analyzer software family is ideally suited for rapid response to network and application issues on location in the field. Sniffer software-based solutions are built on the industry’s most advanced and widely deployed Sniffer decodes and expert analysis software.

Sniffer® Analysis enables the operations staff to perform highly granular packet analysis, mining and decode of packets captured and stored by nGenius® InfiniStream® appliances.

Optimized for direct connection to an nGenius InfiniStream appliance, the Sniffer Analysis software suite can be used with the nGenius Service Assurance Solution or as a standalone product to provide unprecedented granular packet forensic analysis capabilities that enhances and simplify troubleshooting. Deep packet-level analysis quickly pinpoints performance anomalies and isolates root cause enabling operations staff to rapidly solve the most challenging and complex application and network performance issues.

Download Sniffer® Portable Analyzer [Commercial Application]

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