Wireless Snif

Ufasoft Snif is a network sniffer, designed for capturing and analysis of the packets going through the network. Using the packet driver, it requests all the packets from the network card driver (even the packets not addressed to this computer).

Then the packets go to protocol analyzers which are written as separate modules and their set may be extended by the user himself. Various analyzers may be interdependent and are organized in a tree structure.

Includes ICQ/IRC/MSN/Email Sniffers (former ICQ Sniffer product) This software is designed to intercept ICQ, IRC and email messages across a LAN. It is possible to observe these messages in the same time the real users will receive it. All intercepted messages are stored in files, which can be later processed and analyzed. There are two versions for your convinince IcqSnif with GUI, and concole only IcqDump. The functionality is the same, except it is possible to select which machines to arp-spoof exactly in the GUI version. The software is based on the reliable and well-known Ufasoft Sniffer engine.

The software will intercept all messages available on the network adapter.

There are two possible network designs implemented on your LAN: 1. Ethernet HUB hardware In this case all messages for all computers connected to the same HUB can be intercepted with your network adapter. There is no need to use an arp-spoof technique. 2. Ethernet Switch hardware. In this case you will see messages addressed only to you. This is why we decided to implement arp-spoof technique to allow the sniffing of messages of other computers connected to the same ethernet switch.

Supported Wi-Fi Adapters:

Following chipsets and models supported and tested:

Hermes chipset (PCMCIA)

  • Orinoco WaveLAN

Atheros chipset (PCI)

  • D-Link DWL-AG620
  • AR5006X (Apple embedded adapters)
  • AR5007EG (Asus EEE PC)

Prism chipset (PCI)

  • Cisco 340/350 (PCI)

Prism chipset (USB)

  • D-Link DWL-122

Prism GT chipset (54 Mbit)

  • Eline/Surecom ELW-9321g

Ralink chipset (USB adapters, 54 Mbit)

  • D-Link DWL-G122

ZyDAS ZD1202 chipset (11 Mbit, PCI)

  • ZyAIR B-320

Intel Wireless/PRO 2200BG

Other models on these chipsets also can work.

Supported OS:

Linux , Windows

Download Wireless Snif

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