OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet

Dedicated tablet for automated network and application analysis – the network engineer’s fastest way to see root cause

Main Features:

  • Tablet form factor providing automated analysis for 10/100 Mbps, 1/10 Gbps and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs
  • Integrated with AirMagnet wireless tools.
  • Intuitive user interface with smart navigation and built-in guided problem solving plus user customizable dashboards to view data as needed
  • Graphical path analysis and Network Navigator provide an instant, navigable picture of the connections between network switches and connected devices—speeding “time to know”
  • Application-centric analysis for a high level view of network application health
  • Automated network analysis monitors the performance of the infrastructure delivering business critical applications to ensure consistent end-user experience
  • Detailed, fast Network Discovery for instant visibility of what’s out there and where it’s connected in minutes

Download OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet

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