Get Backup

Get Backup is a free backup, disk cloning, and folder synchronization utility for your Mac. Quickly back up data using templates, create a bootable backup, sync files in multiple locations, and be confident that your data is safely stored in case your Mac unexpectedly crashes.

Main Features:

Create backups using drag-and-drop templates for iTunes, Mail, Address Book, Documents, and iPhoto. Choose between a full, versioned, or incremental (Pro) backup and even encrypt it using AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, or Triple DES (Pro). Just set up an automated backup schedule and choose to archive your files to an external disk, network volume, or CD and DVD, and let Get Backup keep your data safe. Later, restore archives on any computer without having Get Backup installed.

Migrating to a new disk has never been easier or faster. With the cloning features, clone your hard drive to get a backup disk that can be booted up at any moment. If the disk in your Mac fails, just take it out and replace it with the clone disk to get back to work without losing any time. Or, if you’re waiting for a new disk, boot up using the clone as an external drive.

Download Get Backup

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