Linux Administration study materials

This course provides an introduction to Linux administration. Topics include installation, configuration, mounting drives, user and group administration, file system administration and management, process control, and network and computer security concepts and tools.

Video tutorials and Free Text book (PDF) from Daytona State College

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course the successful student will be able to:

  • partition, format, and install Linux in a virtual machine, including updating system.
  • perform file manipulation and file system navigation.
  • perform access control manipulation, including changing permissions, adding users and groups, and security functions (e.g., encryption).
  • find and draw upon resources available in Linux for administrative tasks.


There is no ‘required’ textbook. However, we do use the RUTE Linux Tutorial, a free PDF book, as a reference.  That saves you about $100, right? You’re welcome!

You can download the text here:


Major Topics Covered in This Course

  • Installing VMWare
  • Creating a virtual machine and installing Linux
  • Updating your Linux system
  • Navigating the file system
  • Compressing and archiving files
  • Searching for files by content and criteria
  • Working with processes
  • Communicating between computers with SSH
  • Scripting
  • User and group administration
  • Access control
  • Crytpography


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