A Peek Inside a PoS Scammer’s Toolbox

PoS malware has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention in the past two years with high profile incidents like Target, Home Depot, and Kmart. With the massive “Black Friday” shopping season coming up, PoS malware will surely get additional publicity. This high profile nature means, we constantly look for evolving PoS malware and look into their behavior patterns to better protect our customers and users.

In order to be successful, PoS scammers don’t rely only on their malware to attack and exfiltrate victim data. They also use a wide variety of tools in order to support their endeavors. Some of these tools are also used by system administrators such as putty, as well as other tools provided by Microsoft as part of the Sysinternals suite.

Looking at the additional tools PoS threat actors use can be interesting because we can get a preview into their daily activities and use this to profile their activities.

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