Total Network Monitor

Total Network Monitor is a free network monitoring software for the continuous monitoring of the local network, individual computers, and services that require careful attention and thorough control. TNM will alert you of any problem in advance and generate a detailed report on the circumstances of the failure.

How it works

Monitor is a special type of object that watches certain aspects of service operation, server health, or a file system. You create monitors, fine-tune them to meet your individual demands, and run them, and they display the status of your network in real time.

If any parameter deviates from its normal state, the monitor executes an action set predefined by the user, e.g. plays a sound, sends a detailed description of the incident via e-mail or IM, reboots the remote PC, or launches an application.

The monitor log contains the full history of all executed actions and readings from all the monitors, which will prove to be valuable data in everyday network management.

Download Total Network Monitor

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