TSIT02 Computer security 2015

The course takes place in period HT2 and can be included in several of our longer educations, is compulsory for students taking the security profile and is also taken by many Master’s students, Erasmus students and others. There is a list below that briefly describes the course content, a description of the course goals can be found on another page. The lectures and all literature is in English.


There are 12 two-hour lectures, one two-hour seminar, and two instances of laboratory assignments, with two hours reserved in the computer labs for each assignment.


The textbook we use for this course is Ross Anderson: Security Engineering (Wiley, 2008). This is a (very) large book, but don’t panic — I will only select parts of it for the course. The book is available online, free of charge, at the author’s homepage. If you still want the hard copy (hey, it’s cheaper than a gym membership!), it is not so expensive. The study schedule below reflects Anderson’s book.


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