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RTF documents

Tutorial Key Facts
Supported Operating SystemAll Windows OS
WordPad VersionAll Versions
Last Update2014/06/27
AuthorNihad Hassan

Learn How to hide you secret data inside RTF documents

Rich Text Format (RTF) files is a property file documents developed by Microsoft , it could be opened and edited using both WordPad and MS Word program (all versions), there are many versions of RTF specifications and it is continually developed with each release of Microsoft office suite.

RTF use a similar markup language to HTML, this leaves a room for hiding data inside some of its tags, it is seldom for a user to check the raw data of RTF file and this makes it very suitable for hiding data with limited possibility of being discovered.

To view the raw source data of RTF file, we can open it using Windows notepad, we notice that RTF file begins with {rtf1 and end with }  . All data exists after the closing bracket is ignored and not displayed when viewing RTF files using Word or WordPad. RTF also ignore any text located between { and } inside the document body, which make this location also suitable for hiding data inside it.




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