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An Introduction to Unix for Programmers

The goal of this course is to provide students with enough Unix to allow them to work productively in CS courses at the 300 level and beyond. Particular emphasis is placed on Unix tools and procedures that support the kind of programming students will face in assignments in those later courses. Because relatively few people …

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Introduction to UNIX/Linux

Users of our supercomputing systems often encounter repeated difficulties in their computational work due to a weak understanding of the Unix operating system and its user interface. To help users close this gap, the Supercomputing Facility offers an introductory course to Unix/Linux during each semester. Open to anyone on campus who is interested in learning …

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Introduction to UNIX

These lecture notes and exercises are designed to support an intensive introductory course on UNIX or to act as a reference to users who are new to UNIX. This course was designed particularly for use with the Linux operating system but much of it applies to other UNIX systems as well. These notes are also …

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Linux Administration study materials

This course provides an introduction to Linux administration. Topics include installation, configuration, mounting drives, user and group administration, file system administration and management, process control, and network and computer security concepts and tools. Video tutorials and Free Text book (PDF) from Daytona State College Course Outcomes By the end of this course the successful student …

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CS 290G: Secure Computation (Spring 2014)

Course Description With the growing demand for security and privacy, the field of cryptography has expanded rapidly in the past three decades. Beyond the original goal of ensuring secure communication, innovative and powerful concepts and primitives have emerged that enable new secure paradigm of computing. In this course, we will survey some of the exciting …

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Security Protocols (Advanced Topics in Cryptology)

This course will cover some of the latest cryptographic techniques for security protocols. This course intends to stimulate students in their own research – improve their ability of extracting, presenting, and discussing results from recent papers on a certain topic and try to extend/improve them. Course Outline Basics in cryptology – cryptosystems, digital signatures, (keyed) …

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TSIT03 Cryptology 2013

The course covers – the reasons for using cryptography in computer systems – what basic classes of algorithms there are, how they differ and how they should be used in different situations – the basic criteria for each algorithm class – how to find the characteristics of given pseudorandom number generators and how to construct …

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Course F21CN: Computer Network Security

The purpose of Course F21CN Computer Network Security is to provide a solid understanding of the main issues related to security in modern networked computer systems. This covers underlying concepts and foundations of computer security, basic knowledge about security-relevant decisions in designing IT infrastructures, techniques to secure complex systems and practical skills in managing a …

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Cryptography and Computer Security (CCS)

This subject provides an explanation of basic contents of IT security. It focuses on the symetric and public-key cryptography, cryptographic hash functions, authentication protocols, digital signatures and certificates. Course contains a survey of standards and covers legislative aspects of IT security. Course goal is introduction to algorithms and fundamentals of security protocols and technics. The …

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Introduction to Computer Security, Spring 2014

Course Objectives: Ever since the first worm, Morris Worm, released through the Internet in 1988, the attack-defense game between hackers and administrators never ends. To better protect our ICT (Information and Communications Technology) systems, we need to understand first what hacking techniques have been developed over the years and then see their countermeasures. This course …

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Theory and Practice of Cryptography Mini-Course

This mini-course was taught in 2007 at Google. It is intended to be a brief survey for a general technical audience. Video Lectures Classical to Modern Cryptography Using Cryptography in Practice Security Definitions and Proofs of Security Verifying Elections with Cryptography. Guest Lecturer: Ben Adida. Crypto Strikes Back! by Nate Lawson, with blog post and …

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