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Computer Security -University of Edinburgh

Lectures notes on computer security course targeted for undergraduate students. http://www.inf.ed.ac.uk/teaching/courses/cs/

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Network Security: Spring 2014

The objective of the course is to provide a working knowledge of network security in theory and practice. The course contents include: Basic network security in LAN and WAN environments; protocols for client-server communication in high-risk environments; secure communications to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity; security architecture (firewalls and DMZs, VLAN and VPN); proxies; intrusion …

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TSIT02 Computer security 2014

Course aims After having taken this course, the participant should be able to treat computer security problems in a structured way. This includes ability to estimate the vulnerability and threats concerning a given system, and to create a rough policy and computer security plan. It also means knowledge of different possible security products concerning their …

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Electrical and Information Technology Lectuers – Lund University

The lectures will follow the course book, Computer Security, third edition, by D. Gollman. You will have to order the book yourself so it is a good idea to do it as soon as possible if you want it. You can use the second edition if you have access to it. Do not use the …

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Computer Security Course Lectures – Israel Institute of Technology (Winter 2013-2014)

Course Objectives: Learning the different threats on computer systems. Learning different approaches for protecting computer resources. Acquiring the ability to construct and implement security policy. Presenting developments in Information and computer security. The course will not teach how to attack other computers or systems. Syllabus Computer security and information security. Basic design principles: Secrecy. Privacy, …

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Computer and Network Security (CS 475)

The key objective of this class is to provide a thorough understanding of technologies and methodologies with which computer networks can be protected. Topics that are covered include: Key Management Credentials, Steganography and Watermarking, Networking Security (VPNs, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection) and System Security Policies. Course Objectives Understand basic cryptography theory, including some well known algorithms …

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Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, Nagios gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your organization’s business processes won’t be affected by unknown outages. Nagios is a powerful tool …

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Box Backup

Box Backup is an open source, completely automatic, on-line backup system. It has the following key features: All backed up data is stored on the server in files on a filesystem – no tape, archive or other special devices are required. The server is trusted only to make files available when they are required – …

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rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another, possibly over a network. The target directory ends up a copy of the source directory, but extra reverse diffs are stored in a special subdirectory of that target directory, so you can still recover files lost some time ago. The idea is to combine the best features of …

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BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX and MacOSX PCs and laptops to a server’s disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain. BackupPC Features A clever pooling scheme minimizes disk storage and disk I/O. Identical files across multiple backups of the same or different PCs are stored …

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Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other. Unison shares a number …

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