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Boingo Apps

Boingo Apps make it easy to find and connect to Wi-Fi. Simply download the version that best fits your needs and enjoy super-fast Wi-Fi with the press of a button. Boingo Wi-Finder is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Download Boingo Apps

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WiFi Explorer for Mac OS X

WiFi Explorer detects and displays the information of  802.11a/b/g/n wireless networks in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. In addition, it supports 20 MHz (narrow) and 40 MHz (wide) channel widths. Download WiFi Explorer for Mac OS X

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WiFi Scanner

WiFi Scanner is a free 802.11 wireless scanner and connection manager for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later. This will detect access points and clients in ad-hoc mode if the SSID is being broadcasted. It can be used for wireless site surveys, wireless discovery, and to connect to wifi networks. The tool reports …

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WiFi Stumbler

The WiFi Stumbler is a browser-based wireless scanner tool that detects 802.11 wireless networks and displays useful information about the networks in an easily searchable, intuitive web interface. WiFi Stumbler can be used to optimize wireless network coverage, troubleshoot performance issues, detect rogue APs and perform basic pre-deployment site surveys. Main Features: Scan the local …

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AirGrab WiFi Radar

AirGrab WiFi Radar is a tool to display information about Apple Airport base stations and other WiFi (802.11b/g/n) wireless access points. Using AirGrab WiFi Radar you can determine most popular WiFi channels and select optimal channel for your WiFi network. Signal level and Noise level helps to diagnose common wireless network problems and optimally position …

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With the continued growth of your organization, the people and hardware deployed to ensure that it remains in working order is essential, yet the threat picture of your “environment” is not always clear or complete. In fact, most often it’s not what we know that is harmful – it’s what we don’t know that causes …

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Memoryze™ for the Mac 1.0

Memoryze™ for the Mac 1.0 is free memory forensic software that helps incident responders find evil in memory…on Macs.  Memoryze™ for the Mac can acquire and/or analyze memory images.  Analysis can be performed on offline memory images or on live systems. Main Features: image the full range of system memory acquire individual processes memory regions …

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PTK forensics

PTK forensics is a computer forensic framework for the command line tools in the SleuthKit plus much more software modules. This makes it usable and easy to investigate a system. PTK forensics offers many features such as multi-user analysis, search and management of complex digital investigation cases. The core component of the software is an …

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HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor that handles both data and resource forks. It is the most widely used editor of its kind on the platform, and can handle file sizes of up to four gigabytes with ease, yet has memory requirements of less than a megabyte (with color turned off). It can compare whole …

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wxHexEditor a free hex editor / disk editor for Linux, Windows and MacOSX. wxHexEditor is not an ordinary hex editor, but could work as low level disk editor too. If you have problems with your HDD or partition, you can recover your data from HDD or from partition via editing sectors in raw hex. You …

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iStumbler is the leading wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X, providing plugins for finding AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices, Bonjour services and Location information with your Mac. Main Features: Wi-Fi Lists visible wireless networks with complete information. Inspector shows detailed information including a high-resolution graph, notes, extended properties and samples. Always displays the connected network, …

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