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AirMagnet Enterprise

AirMagnet Enterprise is a centralized system that proactively protects WiFi networks and users from all types of threats, ensures maximum network performance and uptime and arms staff with the tools to solve problems quickly and remotely. AirMagnet Enterprise does this by going to the true source of WiFi threats and problems – the airspace itself. …

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inSSIDer displays all the Wi-Fi networks around you – including security information, the strength of the network compared to where you are, and what channel each network is broadcasting on. inSSIDer uses the wireless card that comes with your laptop or computer – or maybe an external USB Wi-Fi adapter if you don’t have one …

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NetStress is a Network Benchmarking Tool ,NetStress is distributed as freeware and does not require a license.  You are free to download it and use it on as many machines as you like. Main Features: single instance of the application (i.e. each instance can be used as server or server plus client) supports both TCP …

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Helix3 Pro [Commercial App]

Helix3 Pro is a unique tool necessary for every computer forensic tool kit!  Get the only tool with a Live and Bootable side for your investigation needs. A multi-platform LIVE side for three environments; Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with one simple to use interface Make forensic images of all internal devices Make a …

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Digital Forensics Framwork

DFF (Digital Forensics Framework) is a free and Open Source computer forensics software built on top of a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API). It can be used both by professional and non-expert in order to quickly and easily collect, preserve and reveal digital evidences without compromising systems and data. Main Features: Read local drivers or …

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OSForensics [Commercial Application]

OSForensics allows you to search for files many times faster than the search functionality in Windows. Results can be analyzed in the form of a file listing, a Thumbnail View, or a Timeline View which allows you to determine where significant file change activity has occurred Main Features: Find files quickly Search within Files Search …

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DEFT Linux

DEFT 7 is based on the new Kernel 3 (Linux side) and the DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) with the best freeware Windows Computer Forensic tools. It’s a new concept of Computer Forensic system that use LXDE as desktop environment and WINE for execute Windows tools under Linux and mount manager as tool for device …

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Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system. Kismet will work with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and (with appropriate hardware) can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n traffic. Kismet also supports plugins which allow sniffing other media such as DECT. Kismet identifies networks by passively …

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