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Anubis – Malware Analysis for Unknown Binaries

Anubis is a service for analyzing malware. Submit your Windows executable or Android APK and receive an analysis report telling you what it does. Alternatively, submit a suspicious URL and receive a report that shows you all the activities of the Internet Explorer process when visiting this URL. http://anubis.iseclab.org/index.php?action=home

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Riseup [Free Secure Email Service]

Riseup provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. We are a project to create democratic alternatives and practice self-determination by controlling our own secure means of communications. Email: Riseup provide secure and private email accounts, accessible via the web, shell, IMAP, or POP. Main Features: Encrypt traffic whenever possible. Don’t …

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AirMobile is a Mobile Wi-Fi IDS that enable enterprises and organizations to protect networks from wireless security vulnerabilities, whether or not they deploy an own wireless network. AirMobile solution is a scalable, secure and cost-effective solution using mobile and static sensors to scan and position Wi-Fi devices. The AirMobile server generates reports and visualizes Wi-Fi …

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Use ClamAV to scan Firefox downloads for viruses. Every download will automatically be scanned in the background. An alert message is shown if a virus is found. Works on Linux, MacOS X (requires ClamAV) and Windows (requires ClamWin). Download Fireclam FireFox Add-ons

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ActiveScan 2.0 is a free antivirus that detects threats currently on your computer, but it doesn’t stop them from entering your computer again. Features: Greater detection capacity Online detection of all types of malware, vulnerabilities and unknown threats. Easy to use from your browser and always up-to-date against the latest threats. A free report about …

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Bitdefender QuickScan

Bitdefender QuickScan uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect active malware on your system, in under a minute. Because it focuses on active e-threats, the product uses just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan and requires no time-consuming virus signature updates, as the detection process is performed by remote Bitdefender …

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VirusChief offers a free service for online virus scan suspicious files (which *could* contain a computer virus) using several antivirus online virus scan engines. VirusChief does not substitute any antivirus software installed in a PC, as it only scans individual files on demand. It does not offer permanent protection for the user’s system either. Although …

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Norton Security Scan

Download and install Norton Security Scan. It will automatically scan your computer every week, replacing the need for you to manually scan using Symantec Security Check. It’s quick, easy, and best of all, it’s free. Visit Norton Security Scan Free Online Scanner

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House Call – Free Online Virus Scan

HouseCall is Trend Micro’s highly popular and capable on-demand scanner for identifying and removing viruses, trojans, worms, unwanted browser plugins, and other malware. It features an intuitive interface and the ability to perform fast scans that target critical system areas and active malware. It also leverages the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™ to help ensure …

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VirSCAN.org is a FREE on-line scan service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using antivirus engines, indicated in the VirSCAN list. On uploading files you want to be checked, you can see the result of scanning and how dangerous and harmful/harmless for your computer those files are. Main Features: You can UPLOAD any files, but …

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Jotti’s malware scan

Jotti’s malware scan is a free online service that enables you to scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs. Scanners used are Linux versions; detection differences with Windows versions of the same scanners may occur due to implementation differences. There is a 25MB limit per file. Keep in mind that no security solution offers 100% …

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