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Online Audio and Video Lectures on Computer Networking

Prof. Shiv Kalyanaraman’s Online Audio and Video Lectures on Computer Networking Fundamentals of Wireless Broadband Networks (Lecture Slides & Video) Broadband and Optical Networks Internet Protocols Computer Communication Networks http://www.ecse.rpi.edu/Homepages/koushik/shivkuma-teaching/video_index.html

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Security Protocols (Advanced Topics in Cryptology)

This course will cover some of the latest cryptographic techniques for security protocols. This course intends to stimulate students in their own research – improve their ability of extracting, presenting, and discussing results from recent papers on a certain topic and try to extend/improve them. Course Outline Basics in cryptology – cryptosystems, digital signatures, (keyed) …

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CS 276, Spring 2006 Cryptography


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TSIT03 Cryptology 2013

The course covers – the reasons for using cryptography in computer systems – what basic classes of algorithms there are, how they differ and how they should be used in different situations – the basic criteria for each algorithm class – how to find the characteristics of given pseudorandom number generators and how to construct …

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Cryptography and Computer Security (CCS)

This subject provides an explanation of basic contents of IT security. It focuses on the symetric and public-key cryptography, cryptographic hash functions, authentication protocols, digital signatures and certificates. Course contains a survey of standards and covers legislative aspects of IT security. Course goal is introduction to algorithms and fundamentals of security protocols and technics. The …

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Security and Cryptography (CSS 322)

This course aims to introduce you to the principles and techniques of securing computers and computer networks, with focus on Internet security. The course is effectively split into two parts: first introducing the theory of cryptography, including how many classical and popular algorithms work (e.g. DES, RSA, digital signatures); and second providing details of real …

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CSE571S: Network Security (Fall 2011)

A comprehensive treatment of network security. Topics include virus, root kits, malware, TCP/IP security attacks, operating systems security, secret key cryptography, modes of operation, hashes and message digests, public key algorithms, authentication systems, Kerberos, Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), IPsec, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), e-mail security, virtual private …

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Introduction to Computer Security, Spring 2014

Course Objectives: Ever since the first worm, Morris Worm, released through the Internet in 1988, the attack-defense game between hackers and administrators never ends. To better protect our ICT (Information and Communications Technology) systems, we need to understand first what hacking techniques have been developed over the years and then see their countermeasures. This course …

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Homomorphic Encryption and Lattices

This is a three-credit advanced graduate level course. The course is one of the electives for MS students in the Foundations of Computer Science Track and the Computer Security Track, and for undergraduates in the Foundations of Computer Science Track. It also serves as a general elective for the PhD program in computer science. The …

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Fundamentals of Integrated Computer Security

Network security, database and system security, access control, policy and ethics development, attacks, and counter attack measures, security tools and malicious code, current trends and research. The objective of this course is to cover principles of computer and network security along with some relevant background in basic cryptography. We will discuss various attack techniques and …

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Security and Cryptography I (Winter Term 2009/2010)

Videos recordings Lecture Security and Cryptography I from The Synergetic University http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/index.php?node_id=2633

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