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WeFi app

WeFi app eliminates the need of manually selecting and trying out every WiFi networks. Instead, Through WeFi, you’re Wi-Fi enabled device will automatically locate a strong Wi-Fi spot and connect you to it, no questions asked. System Requirements: Android , Symbian , Windows Download WeFi app

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HandyWi is developed and maintained by UAB TeleSoftas, mobile solutions company from Lithuania. This project has evolved from the idea of having transparent mechanism for delivering location based info-services to people on the move. Supported OS: Symbian OS , Some Nokia , Samsung Devices , For a list of supported devices click here Download HandyWi 

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WeFi is a key innovator and a market leader in mobile broadband Smart Always Best Connected solutions and heterogeneous network management. WeFi furnishes the service providers and operators with a seamless solution to increase capacity, enable data offload, handle network congestion and improve coverage by using multichannel heterogeneous network (HetNet) dynamic priority & handover decision …

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